Workshop on Czech in empirical and comparative perspec​tives

4–​5 March, 2022

The Professorship of Slavonic Linguistics will host the workshop on «Czech in empircal and comparative perspectives». The workshop will be held from 4 to 5 March 2022 in the International Centre "Haus auf der Mauer", Johannisplatz 26, in Jena, Germany. The main hosts are Dr. Martina Berrocal, Stefan Heck, Irenäus Kulik and Prof. Dr. Ruprecht von Waldenfels. The event will be held in English. 


Information regarding the pandemic:

According to the 3G rule, all participants need to be fully vaccinated (geimpft), recovered from COVID-19 (genesen), or tested (getestet) before attending the workshop or the University of Jena's buildings.

For more information, visit the university's FAQs about the (novel) coronavirus for internationals, please:

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In recent years, empirical methods have become increasingly important in the study of language. Linguistic fields as diverse as lexicography, grammatical research, linguistic typology, speech technology, and discourse analysis profit from the growing body of linguistic data and advances in the technology to analyze it. This has enabled scholars both to state new research questions and to reconsider common opinions on a new scale.

Against this background, the Jena-based workshop Czech in empircal and comparative perspec​tives places the Czech language and its empirical study at the centre of its interest. Together, we enquire Czech both from a monolingual and a comparative perspective, approach synchronic and diachronic research questions, and take a look into diverse linguistic subfields.

Invited speakers

Tilman Berger (Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen)

Václav Cvrček (Charles University Prague)

Markus Giger (Charles University Prague)


Friday, 4 March

14:00–14:15   Welcome address

14:15–15:00   Václav Cvrček (Prague): Registers of Czech journalism from 1995 to 2018

15:00–15:30   Martina Berrocal (Jena): Political Speeches as a tool of Covid19 crisis management?

15:30–16:00   Coffee break

16:00–16:30   Martina Rybová (Regensburg): They go together like a horse and carriage: On evaluative prosody of compound indefinite pronouns in Czech


19:00   Dinner at Köz, Schloßgasse 1, 07743 Jena

Saturday, 5 March

9:30–10:15     Tilman Berger (Tübingen): Czech periphrastic constructions in the Czech National Corpus

10:15–10:45   Coffee break

10:45–11:15   Ruprecht von Waldenfels & Stefan Heck (Jena): Deictic motion verbs and spatial particles from an areal perspective

11:15–12:00   Markus Giger & Jana Kocková (Prague): Aspectual functions of non-finite verbal forms in Czech

12:00   Closing address