Dr. Ying​ SUN​​​

Dr. Ying Sun ist wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin an der Digital Humanities Juniorprofessur.
Ying Sun, Dr.
Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin
Juniorprofessur für Digital Humanities mit Schwerpunkt Bild- und Objektdaten
JenTower, Raum 19. Etage
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SUN, Ying studied her first master degree of industrial design at Universität der Künste Berlin until 2011 and did her second master degree of interaction and product design at Berlin Weißensee Kunsthochschule until 2014. Then she did the doctorate in 2015 in the field of design research, design education and educational technology under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Thomas Köhler and Prof. Dr. Sander Münster. Her dissertation topic is “Exploring Inspirational Sources of Selection and Transformation” among designers, practitioners and design students. After obtain her doctoral degree, since 2020 she has worked as a research assistant at the Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena. Her research areas include:

  • Design Research, Interaction & Industrial & Product Designa
  • User Research, User Experience Research
  • Design Process, Design Ideas Generation, Design Methods and Techniques
  • Design Education
  • Educational Technology, Digital Humanities
  • Design Visualization
  • Curriculum Vitae

    Since 2020: Research assistant and doing research and design work in Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena (University of Jena) under the Junior Professorship for Digital Humanities with Prof. Dr. Sander Muenster.

    Since 2020: Researcher, Lecturer (product and interaction design) and Project Coordinator in MD.H. Berlin

    Higher Education

    2015 - 2020: Doctoral candidate in Technische Universität Dresden (Dresden University of Technology) in department of Educational Technology and Media Center. The research area is user research, user experience research, design process, design idea generation, design method and technique, design visualization. The graduation grades is magna cum laude (1).

    2012 - 2014: Second master degree in Interactive Design & Product Design at Berlin Weißensee Kunsthochschule (Berlin Weißensee Art Academy). The design area includes product design and interaction design in health care, transportation, education and technology area; communication and interface design of Apps on mobile device and etc. The graduation grades is qualified for Meister degree.

    2008 - 2011: First master degree in Industrial Design at Universität der Künste Berlin (Berlin University of the Arts). The design area includes furniture design such as design for kids, workplace, public space and etc.; product design in transportation and household area etc.; visual communication design. The graduation grades ranked No.2 in the major.

    2004 - 2008: Bachelor degree in Industrial Arts design at The China Academy of Art (CAA). The design area includes fashion design such as jewellery, wearable innovations, watches, eyewear; home accessories, materials technology design such as metal, ceramic and glass art. The graduation grades ranked No.2 in the major. The GPA is 3.6/4.0.

    Main Conferences and Education Activities

    2021.04: 12th PhD Colloquium on Design Research: Design Research and Process, Tsinghua University, China. Oral presentation on topic of industrial designer’s design process including design ideas generation and design education.

    2020.10: 13th Education & Technology Summer School, Strasbourg, France. The theme of “Gamification, Artificial Intelligence and support to motivation." Oral presentation in “User-Experience in Technology- Enhanced Learning” session.

    2020.07: The 5th TELI Forum of Beijing Institute of Technology: International Young Scholars Forum, China. Oral presentation on topic of design research in industrial design.

    2019.06: The 6th Beihang University Vision Forum for International Young Scholars, China. Oral presentation in industrial design and engineering science session.

    2018.11: OEB 2018: The global, cross-sector conference and exhibition on technology supported learning and training, Berlin, Germany. Demonstrate department of media center and University projects promotion.

    2018.06: The 23rd Design Research Society Conference Limerick, Ireland. Conference paper accepted and published in conference proceedings, oral presentation.

    2018.03: The 2nd International Young Scholars Forum. Oral presentation in Design and Arts session on topic of integration of design behavior and design education.

    2018.02: The 5th International Conference on Design Creativity Bath, UK. Paper accepted and published in conference proceedings, oral presentation in Podium session.

    2017.12: The 2rd Jinmen Scholar Forum for International Young Talents, Tianjin, China. Oral presentation in design and arts session.

    2016.11: 16th German Society for Design theory and Research (DGTF) Dessau, Germany.  Oral presentation in Pecha Kucha Talk session. Invited to attend the 16th Design Promoviert.

    2016.09: Summer School, Educational technology and Design education Linz, Austria. Communicate with professors and doctoral students all over the world about education research issues in multi- and inter-disciplines Oral and poster presentation about design research and education.

    2016.06: 11th International Forum on Knowledge Asset Dynamics (IFKAD) Dresden, Germany. Oral presentation in Visual Knowledge session. Paper accepted, inclusion in the conference proceedings.

    2015.11: World Usability Congress 2015, Usability Day Saxony Dresden, Germany.

    2015.10: 15th German Society for Design theory and Research (DGTF) Berlin, Germany.

    Reference and Awards

    2019-2020  Grants for the funding of young scientists during the completion and wrap-up phase of the doctorate

    2014-2015  IF Concept Design Awarded designer
    Red Dot Awards Shortlist (two product design works)

    IxDA 2015 Interaction Awards Shortlist
    (List includes NIKE, Mercedes Benz Research & Development, IDEO, Stanford University, MIT Media Lab, Carnegie MellonUniversity)

    2014-2018  Award scholarship under the State Scholarship (China Scholarship Council) to support PhD study in Germany

    2010-2011  Outstanding graduate of University for MA in UDK

    2008-2009  Student Lab Works exhibition Award in CAA

    2007-2008  Outstanding graduate of University in CAA

                         Outstanding graduate works for BA

    2006-2007  University outstanding student in CAA

                         First prize Scholarship

    2005-2006  Third prize Scholarship in CAA

    2004-2005  Third prize Scholarship in CAA

                         The second place in University badminton match

    Reviewing & Editing Activities

    Since 2021: Reviewer, GeNeMe (Communities in New Media) conference in design division

    Membership and Committees

    Since 2021: Chairman and committee member of Sino-German Association of Design and Education

  • Publications


    Sun, Y. (2021): Exploring Inspirational Sources of Selection and Transformation. Published online on Qucosa, Dissertation, 14-qucosa2-741274, https://nbn-resolving.de/urn:nbn:de:bsz:14-qucosa2-741274Externer Link.

    Book Chapter:

    Alexander, L., Anja, J., Sander, M., Thomas, K., Ying, S., & other 50 authors (2016). Knowledge communities in Online Education and (Visual) Knowledge Management, Proceedings of 19th Conference GeNeMe 2016, Dresden TUD press, pp. 157-169.

    Journal Articles and Conference Paper

    Sun, Y., Münster, S., Köhler, T. & Sommer, C.M. (2021). Understanding the designer self-perception of the ideation process. International Journal of Design Creativity and Innovation. Volume 8, Issue 4, pp. 240-271.

    The impact score (IS) 2020 of this Journal is 1.44. The H-Index is 12.

    Sun, Y., Münster, S., & Sommer, C.M. (2018). Changes in design research: sources and methods of ideas generation in industrial design. Proceedings of the 23rd Design Research Society Conference, Limerick, Ireland. 25th-28th June, 2018. Volume 3, Section 10, pp. 1057-1074.

    Sun, Y., & Münster, S. (2018). A look at the research on design idea generation in industrial design: Literature review from 2003 to 2017. Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Design Creativity. University of Bath, Bath, UK. 31st January-2nd February, 2018, DS 89, pp. 31-38.

    Sun, Y. (2016). Generating implication for design. 16th German Society for Design theory and Research. Dessau, Germany. 18th-19th November, 2016.

    Sun, Y. (2016). Generating implication for design in practice: How different stimuli are retrieved and transformed to generate ideas. 11th International Forum on Knowledge Asset Dynamics. Proceeding of IFKAD 2016, Towards a new Architecture of Knowledge: Big Data Culture Creativity. Dresden University of Technology, Germany. 15th-17th June 2016, pp. 55.

    Journal article under second round blind review

    Sun, Y., Münster, S., Köhler, T. & Sommer, C.M. (2021). Understanding designer ideation catalyst: What methods and how to transform. The Design Journal.

    The impact score (IS) 2020 of this Journal is 0.55. The H-Index is 19.

  • Work Experience and Main Practical Projects (Selection)

     Since 2020: Research assistant and do research and design work in University of Jena under the Junior Professorship for Digital Humanities.

    2013: "Co-pilot Project" with Takata Corporation (Japanese), attend the project briefing, discuss co-pilot developig trend; research mode conversion between human driving and unpiloted, empathy analysisi of user experience, provide design solution and programming with Arduino, making interactive prototypes and presentation to the company project team.

    2012: "Health Care Project" with Berlin Charite Hospital (Germany), attend the project briefing, clarify design objectives; create compelling user experience and design solutions through user research, storyboards, owchart; interactive prototypes, presentation to the company project team.

    2011: Design researcher in LKK Design, China as design researcher and designer. The job responsibilities include: Design research at earlier stage such as industrial and market research; investigate competing products & brand, analyze product strategy and tendency; clarify product objectives, user research with quantitative or qualitative methods; make project flowchart, timeline, and adjust the solution during design process; collect and analyze user behavior through user studies and surveys; translate research findings into actionable short- and long-term implications; use softwares to prototype ideas or solution together with team members; Usability test to validate the product; presentation, communicate with customers & stakeholders to provide solution.

    2009: 'Multilingual Typography' visual communication project, cooperate with Zurich University of the Arts. The activities include: involved in the font design and print media design; design works were displayed in the exhibition of Beijing World Design Congress.

    2008: Hangzhou Metro design project. The activities include: involved in the project planning at earlier stage; design of public chair and related facilities and navigation instructions system.

    2008: Product Designer in Xtep International Holdings Limited. The job responsibilities include analysis competitive products, product strategy, research of colour trend; involved in the new design for Fall 2009, design scheme was adopted and resulted in mass production, and ranked in the top three among similar products.

  • Teaching Activities

    Since 2020: Course designer and lecturer (Product and Interaction design) in MD.H Berlin and ASK Berlin.

    2019-2021: Course teaching and supervise the design portfolio for undergraduate and graduate students from China and Germany.

    2017.08: Germany Industrial Design Training Camp, Munich, Germany. Design Thinking Training as Tutor and Supervisor.