Straßenschilder in der Nabi-Danial-St, Alexandria, Ägypten


B.A. and M.A. in Arabic Studies
Straßenschilder in der Nabi-Danial-St, Alexandria, Ägypten
Image: Roland Unger (Wikimedia Commons)

Study program

Arabic Studies conveys scientific knowledge of the language, history and culture of the Arab world from the pre-Islamic period to the present day.

At the center of the Bachelor's program is a thorough and comprehensive language training, which includes classical Arabic, Modern Standard Arabic as well as one of the regional dialects used in everyday communication (Syrian Arabic). The language training is accompanied by an introduction to the practice of intercultural communication.

Furthermore, students have the opportunity to set their own emphases and acquire basic knowledge in a number of scientific fields:

  • Classical and modern literature
  • History of religion and culture
  • Linguistics

The Bachelor's program is rounded off by a compulsory internship and the possibility of a stay abroad.

In the Master's program, students can choose between three profiles (Islamic Studies, Semitic Studies, Arabic Philology) with different academic emphases as well as a number of additional languages.

The two collections (Oriental Coin Cabinet and Alphons-Stübel Collection of Early Oriental Photography), which are maintained by the Chair of Semitic Philology and Islamic Studies, are a special enrichment for the teaching at the seminar and can be used as illustrative material.

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