Information for Speakers and Participants (A-Z)

Below you will find useful information for speakers as well as participants. Send us an email if you have any more questions.
How does the submission process work? Inhalt einblenden

If you’re unsure how to submit your abstract to workshop proposal, we have put together a little checklist for you here:

  1. Register as a participant at the colloquium so you don’t miss out on any information:
  2. Register as a speaker and answer a short questionnaire:
  3. Upload your abstract/workshop proposal as a PDF file to this folder:
  4. Await feedback on your submission until the beginning of February.
How do I register for the colloquium? Inhalt einblenden

Follow the link which you find under “registration” on the main page. Make sure that you give us an email address that works so we can sen do you all the important information.

How many words should my abstract/proposal have? Inhalt einblenden

We welcome abstracts and proposals of up to 300 words, excluding your bibliography.

Additionally, we ask you to submit a short biographical note of no more than 100 words.

How to stick to my time-frame? Inhalt einblenden

Just like any other conference we ask you to follow a certain time frame at the International Student Colloquium as well. Because we know that this is a challenge that many people in our field(s) struggle with the organizational team has gathered some tips which have helped them in the past.

  • Practise your presentation/workshop at least once before so you know if the scope of your presentation/workshop is appropriate.
  • If you like to write down everything that you’re going to say, it is good to know that:
    • One page written in Times New Roman in German takes about three minutes to read out aloud. Have a look here if you would like to know more.
    • If you have information for Romanian or English for us, please get in touch. We would love to add it to this list.
Is the colloquium online or on-site at Jena University? Inhalt einblenden

The colloquium will take place entirely online. Presentations and workshops will be given via Zoom and socializing may take place on other platforms as well.

What is meant by "biographical note"? Inhalt einblenden

To help us get to know a little about our participants ahead of the colloquium and to allow the session chair to introduce you briefly before your presentation/workshop, we ask you to write a little bio-note as part of the questionnaire.
If you’re looking for examples of a biographical note and a quick explanation, have a look at this site.

When will I receive the access-link for the conference platform? Inhalt einblenden

We will provide all registered participants with the link to our meeting shortly before the colloquium. It will be send to the email address that you used for the registration.

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